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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Good morning, Friends!  It's absolutely beautiful outside again today and I hope you get the chance to soak up some of the sun's glorious rays!  P.S.  Wear sunscreen, please! 

So the blog...Let me explain...

Ever since I started this website I have felt called to write about Reiki, the Chakras, and anything else I feel is relevant to life as I know it to currently be.  However, I have continuously ignored that calling.  I kick it around, feel the resistance and decide I don't have time for it yet.  Resistance is such a force to be reckoned with, isn't it?  When it speaks to you it can really throw you off your game and second-guessing myself is where I land time and time again.  My resistance sounds something like this..."You are not a writer.  You've never been a writer.  Your grammar isn't that great.  You might offend someone.  You could lose clients because they don't like what you're saying."  And it goes on and on and on.


This morning, however, I woke up with a fire lit in my belly.  The concept of the stories we tell ourselves has been showing up for me all over the place.  I have all kinds of stories created for myself to keep me from writing.  The truth of the matter is, I'm afraid to be seen in this capacity because it's not where I feel the strongest sense of myself.  It's a piece of me that's still in the developmental stages, therefore, not ready for the public!  And I can't possibly write before I really consider myself to be a writer!  

So, there I was, sitting on the edge of the same decision I'd been contemplating for months now.  I could continue to tell my same boring story or write myself a new one.  Guess which choice I made!  Yep, you're reading it!  I got tired of sitting on the edge of the same old story, therefore, I'm writing a new one for myself that sounds something like this..."I may never consider myself a writer.  And I am always in the developmental stages because that's how I view life.  We're always developing or we're not on this planet anymore."  Pretty simple to me.  But, it still took quite a bit of courage to write this regardless of the new story!  That's the point though, right?  New stories take courage and development.  They have to coexist with pushing you outside of your comfort zone, which can be super nerve-wracking and crazy rewarding all at the same time!  All the feels come out, don't they?! 

To conclude, my hope is you'll be hearing from me more on the regular.  I'm not sure of everything I have to say but I've begun and that's the most important step in writing any new story for yourself.  My question for you is where are you telling yourselves stories that you'd like to rewrite and create anew?  Think about it!

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