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February, the Month of Hearts

Hi, and happy "It's No Longer January" to all of you!

Any chance you guys ran through January with your hair on fire? I definitely did. And I'd love to tell you it was exhilarating or fun but I'd be lying to you. Late last week, right alongside the full moon, I began to unravel. All the usual signs were there; restless sleep, irritability, shallow breathing, and a lack of clarity. This is common for me when I'm busy playing the game "How Many Balls Can I Keep in the Air?". Are you all familiar with this game? If you're unfamiliar with it, I'll save you some's not very fun to play. Furthermore, this game has a sneakiness to it. I don't realize I'm playing it until I start to fizzle out and then I'm surprised when I don't have anything left in my tank. It's odd like that. Autopilot slowly takes over, all the while blaring the slogan, "Just Get Through It" over the loud-speakers.

Then boom, I crash-landed into February, thankful for the opportunity to do better. Today, was a beautiful day; the sunshine amazing! I walked and it was better! I was able to breathe deeper, focus clearly, and feel more of myself again.

The "little things" are improperly named. They are not so little. No matter how you slice them; subtle, quiet, internal, or external, loud and proud; they must be done. Without them, we begin to wilt. We need the walks, the dancing, the singing. We need the deep breaths, the conversations with friends, the laughter. We need the massage, the new haircut, the energy work! We deserve the time to find our centers and to reconnect with our heart-spaces.

In honor of February being all things hearts, I propose we focus on our own heart-spaces and take the time for self-care. Choose to do the "little things" that bring a smile to your face. Those beautiful vibes will radiate off of you and affect so many others around you, helping to bring smiles to their faces too! Smiles, like laughter, are so contagious!

For the month of February, I would like to help others honor the "little things" by providing my sessions for $60. My hope is to help people find their centers and a slice of peaceful relaxation! Here's to breathing deeply again, friends!

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